ATMOS | Fields of application
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Application of ATMOS Aerosol Research measurements

Sometimes it is hard to say why but in some places we feel more comfortable than in others, we are fitter, more awake and sleep better. Aerosol measurements are an important element when it comes to identifying places that are good for our well-being because of their good air quality. Measurements by ATMOS Aerosol Research are therefore an important part of feasibility studies for new building projects. Furthermore, special climatic health resorts can be identified and labelled according to seasons.

With the help of aerosol measurements, treatment plans can be specifically designed to suit the human organism. The effectiveness of measures of town development (green facades, ban on vehicles, new parks, and so on) can be shown by the combination of different methods of measurement. In addition to this, measurements carried out by ATMOS Aerosol Research are not only used for finding the ideal site for the ATMOS Selfness Resort, but also for continuous monitoring after its construction.